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Effective work preparation
Rard Metz Teqnow / Koninklijke Metaalunie
15 september 10:30-11:15

New possibilities thanks to digitization
Work preparation is the pivot of the production company where everything revolves. Work planners often run out of time. Digitization, especially for work preparation, offers enormous opportunities to work more effectively. During this lecture you will gain insight into the opportunities that digitization can offer for work preparation. Get inspired to see how you can prepare the work more effectively.

Producing effectively with a digital twin
Marcel de Klein, Technical Manager bij Cadmes
15 september 11:30-12:15

The demand for the production of small series will increase even more. Unfortunately, converting an automated production cell or line has a lot of impact. After all, production stops for a while. With a digital twin of the production environment, it is possible to do this in parallel. Advantages include more room for experimentation towards an optimal setting, simulation options for training and safety and, above all, a more optimal use of valuable production resources. The lecture takes a closer look at different ways in which a digital twin of a production process can be approached and what this can look like in a virtual environment.

Single piece production at the cost of series production
Rard Metz Teqnow / Koninklijke Metaalunie
15 september 14:00-15:45

How do you remove barriers to single piece production
Many entrepreneurs and employees still have the prejudice that you have to produce large series to be able to work cost-effectively. While this was often true in the time of mass production, it is no longer necessary in today’s time. Unnecessarily large series are still being created and products that are not yet required are then put in stock. Modern machines and techniques, combined with smart organization, make single-piece production possible at the cost of series production. To achieve this, a different way of working is needed. During this lecture, the most important points of attention will be discussed and you will be inspired to get started with these yourself.

Production layout and internal logistics

Rard Metz Teqnow / Koninklijke Metaalunie
15 september 15:00-15:45

How do you organize the goods and information flows in your company in the most effective way
Productivity improvement is a high priority. All kinds of techniques are used for this, such as lean manufacturing and QRM. Much less attention is paid to the production layout and internal logistics. Nevertheless, these form the preconditions within which you can further improve productivity with techniques such as lean manufacturing and QRM.
During this lecture, the main points of attention will be discussed.

Automated product quality control
Rard Metz Teqnow / Koninklijke Metaalunie
16 september 10:30-11:15

The road to 100% product quality
Every customer wants to receive error-free products. In order to be able to deliver products without errors, all kinds of intermediate and final checks are carried out at the manufacturers of products and parts. It is better to set up the process in such a way that no errors can occur. During this lecture, all kinds of aspects are discussed in order for the manufacturer to organize production in the most effective way in such a way that guaranteed error-free delivery. What needs to be checked and where can it be done most effectively? How can the necessary checks be performed automatically?

ECI Digital transformation for manufacturing companies
16 september 11:30-12:15

The world around us is changing at breakneck speed, coherent development is an important driver. This is no different in the manufacturing sector. Digitization and innovation of production processes offer manufacturing companies an enormous approach, because it has unlimited possibilities. ECI Software Solutions supports ambitious manufacturing companies in digitizing their entire production process, so that they are ready for the manufacturing industry of the future. We do this with various, slim software solutions.

Innovator with Smart Manufacturing

The implementation of Smart Manufacturing requires a clear vision in the field of digitization and knowledge of your entire business process. The combination of a Smart and knowledge makes it possible to make your company smarter and more knowledgeable Flexibility, scalability and future-proofing are important spearheads.

About Jasper himself:
Jasper de Vreugt
Jasper de Vreugt joined Inventive ERP Software in 2019 and in his current role is a member of the management team of ECi Software Solutions in the Netherlands and responsible for Marketing.
Jasper brings more than 20 years of commercial experience to ECI. joining ECi Software Solutions, he was, among other things, responsible for EMEA partnerships at Bloomreach, managing director at Mall-Connect and commercial director at MADS Mobile Advertising. Earlier in his career he was a marketing consultant at Lost Boys and business development manager at ING Group.
Jasper enjoys spending his free time with his family and is an avid water sports enthusiast.

The Paperless Factory
Rard Metz Teqnow / Koninklijke Metaalunie
16 september 13:00-13:45

Eliminating actions that don’t add value
As an entrepreneur you work on improving the competitive position of your company. Numerous activities are performed in every company that do not add value but are (still) necessary at the moment. By working specifically on eliminating such activities that do not add value, productivity can be significantly improved.
The current use of paper in your organization is often an indication of non-value adding actions. By looking specifically at the use of paper in the company, these activities that do not add value come into the picture, after which they can be eliminated in a targeted manner. During this lecture, tools are offered to get a grip on this.

Flexible production through robotization, digitization and integration
Lex van den Hoven Cellro CNC Automation.
16 september 14:00-14:45

Your customers demand flexibility: series are becoming smaller, manufacturing technologies are changing, delivery times are shortening and the professionals are increasingly difficult to find.
The daily challenge of connecting all the lines in the production ensures that the people in particular are busy and the spindle actually runs about 30%.
Cellro wants to take inventive entrepreneurs into the new world. Acting in your production at a quarter to twelve instead of noticing at a quarter past twelve.
Real-time insights and access to production data relieve your operator when planning and organizing production. Not of one piece, not of a series, but dozens of series in a row, unmanned.
Essential for those who want to increase production capacity and turnover with the same people and resources. Cellro offers unique tools to help you start today and be prepared for the future.

Innovative entrepreneurs want to start today and often have already started. They show vision and courage, you want to know that you are taking the right steps to robotize, digitize and integrate your production.

This is an issue that is occupying more and more of Cellro’s customers and relations. During the Dutch Metal Days we share our knowledge and technologies to help you out. Cello. Think ahead.

Product Configurator
Rard Metz Teqnow / Koninklijke Metaalunie
16 september 15:00-15:45

How does a product configurator work and what can you do with it?
A product configurator (also called configure to order) can offer any industrial company great benefits for both product owners and suppliers.
The lecture discusses what a product configurator is, what you can do with it and how you can get started with it in an accessible way.

Robotization: step-by-step from idea to realization
Rard Metz Teqnow / Koninklijke Metaalunie
17 september 10:30-11:15

The road to fast and profitable robotization
Many companies are interested in the possibilities of robotization of their production process. In order to successfully robotize, it is very important to approach the robotization process in a structured and step-by-step manner. If one invests in a robot without first taking the right steps, the robot will yield less than would be possible.
During this lecture you will gain insight into how you can go through the 8 steps from the ‘Practical and profitable robotization for industrial SMEs’ step-by-step plan in order to arrive at a fast and profitable robotization solution.

Artificial Intelligent
Rard Metz Teqnow / Koninklijke Metaalunie
17 september 11:30-12:15

What is artificial intelligence and what can industrial SMEs do with it?
Research institutes, large high-tech companies and professional literature have paid a lot of attention in recent years to the unprecedented possibilities of artificial intelligence. On the one hand, this creates the impression that every company must thoroughly delve into the possibilities of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, the impression is created that smaller industrial suppliers in particular cannot make use of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. The reality, however, is much more nuanced.
During this lecture you will gain insight into what artificial intelligence really is and what you can do with it as an industrial SME.