The beating heart of every trade fair is its exhibitors’ displays. The Dutch Metal Days are no exception. At the fair, hands-on and no-nonsense professionals know exactly what they are talking about. From their extensive experience they provide concrete solutions to any Smart Solution challenge. Any company can have something to contribute at the Dutch Metal Days. What your contribution to the booming and uprising metal industry?

The future of the metal & manufacturing industry is bright and full of prospects and opportunities. We all want to contribute to a bright future and achieve the best results in a unified and efficient way so that we all benefit, and no opportunities are left behind.

We believe this is possible! Products and services are already being developed everywhere that make business operations more effective. Solutions that help companies optimize processes, improve production, and just simply make the entire metal industry more efficient and above all smarter..

The knowledge is available. Now it is up to us to streamline and share this knowledge and to inspire and motivate one another. To make valuable contacts and form strong partnerships. The Dutch Metal Days are the ideal event for all of these opportunities. With its high focus on Process Optimization and Production Improvement; and with the presence of all companies and parties able to contribute something to these themes, the Dutch Metal Days promise to become a highly fertile event.

Do you, or does your company have something to contribute to these themes? Are you a producer or supplier in the field of process optimization, process control, production improvement or digitalizing and smarter production within the metal industry? Would you like to share your knowledge with interesting companies such as ECI Software Solutions, Tuwi, Valk Welding, Cellro, Fanuc, Bystronic e YASKAWA Benelux?

Then we would like to welcome you and your products or services at the Dutch Metal Days!


To participate

For your information, below are a few examples of areas of expertise that are relevant for the exhibition:

  • Machining techniques
  • Machines for non-machining processes
  • Machine tools
  • Connection technique
  • Workshop technology & interior
  • Industrial automation
  • Production automation
  • Factory automation
  • Robotics

Still unsure whether you are eligible to participate in the trade fair? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Visitor profile

During the event we would like to welcome anyone who has some sort of affection with the metal industry. The Dutch Metal Days are suitable for all the professionals in the metal and manufacturing industry. From professionals to directors: the entire target group will be inspired in the field of process optimization, production improvement and digitalization both by the various (keynote) speakers and the exhibitors on the exhibition floor.

Luxury Stand construction

Luxe Standbouw basis

  • Truss ombouw 3,5 meter hoog in combinatie met scheidingswanden wit 2,5 meter hoog;
  • 1x naamsvermelding op bord, 30x150cm;
  • Vloerbedekking antraciet;
  • 1 spot per 5 m2;
  • 1x tafel;
  • 3x stoel;
  • Optioneel (meerprijs): berging met afsluitbare deur van 1m2 of 2m2.

Luxury Stand construction

During the event it is possible to use the luxury stand construction package. The package consists of 2.5 meters high partitions and truss-construction with name attribution on sign, a carpet, a table with three chairs and illumination. Furthermore, a personalized banner can be provided (see image) at the front and the back against a small surcharge. It is also possible to personalize the entire rear partition (price on request).

If you have any questions or notes about the luxury stand construction, please don’t hesitate and contact us by phone or by e-mail

Sponsor packages

This year there are several options to make use of a sponsor package during the Dutch Metal Days.
You can find all sponsor packages here.