Stand construction

Below you will find the possibilities for stand construction during the Dutch Metal Days. For questions and consultation, please contact us via, via the contact page on the website or via (+31) 318 769 233.

Luxury stand construction

Luxury Stand construction basebouw

  • Truss casing 3.5 meters high in combination with white partition walls 2.5 meters high:

  • Optional (extra charge): storage room with lockable door of 1m2 or 2m2.

  • 3x chairs;

  • 1x table;

  • 1 s per 5 m2;

  • Floor covering anthracite;

  • 1x name mention on board, 30x150cm;

Luxury stand construction with personalized banner(s)

  • Contents Luxury Stand construction basis, with possibility of adjustment (surcharge):

  • Full color print on the entire back wall and/or side wall.