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Nederlandse Metaal Dagen – The next step to Smart Manufacturing –


Every year, the Dutch Metal Days focus on several themes that are relevant and controversial for the metal and manufacturing industry.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has become a comprehensive of a concept. This makes this concept too complex for many companies. On the Dutch Metal Days, visitors will find answers that guide them to take the next step in production improvement and process optimization. Consider, for example, a new machine park, the automation of the current machines, new quotation software, better planning or other personnel training.

Process optimization & Production improvement

Process optimization and production improvement are tailor-made for every company. For this reason, the event will consist of three parts, all of which can help companies in their own way, with knowledge, insights or products.

On the Dutch Metal Days you will find:

  • A high-quality substantive program with inspiring speakers
  • The latest innovations to optimize your processes
  • Concrete solutions for the healthy challenges of a Smart Industry
  • Hands-on professionals with extensive practical experience
  • Products and services specially developed for more effective business operations


Developments and innovations follow each other in rapid succession in the metal and manufacturing industry. How can you optimize your processes, which digital innovations can support your growth and which possibilities best suit your business operations? All aspects that you can find answers to during the Dutch Metal Days.